Frequently asked questions

What does the development of Indiana Teahouse include?

Our vision is to deliver a new chapter for Indiana. One where the building’s world-famous façade is retained and enhanced; where high-quality hospitality experiences are delivered alongside true accessibility and generational community benefit.

Our vision includes:

  • The Beach Level with family-friendly kiosks, new public toilets (indoor and outdoor) and changing rooms (including a Changing Places facility).
  • The Terrace Level will host a casual beach restaurant, spilling out onto alfresco landscaped areas.
  • The Marine Parade Level with a small café pod caters for morning walkers and the existing Teahouse restaurant transformed into a new elevated dining space.
  • A 31-room, Boutique Hotel allowing visitors to stay and enjoy Cottesloe for longer, connecting to a rooftop terrace with expansive views to the ocean.
  • A subterranean hydrotherapy and day Spa offers a new level of wellness service.
  • A new multi-million-dollar boat storage facility delivered for the Cottesloe Surf Life Saving Club, expanding and upgrading existing facilities to benefit all beach goers.
Are you demolishing the existing building?

No. We are committed to retaining and enhancing the iconic western façade of the existing Teahouse building. In addition, a new building will be constructed on the eastern side of the site. This approach is consistent with the Conservation Management Plan which was drafted in consultation with the Town of Cottesloe.

What community benefits will be delivered?

There are a number of community benefits which will be delivered as part of the development, including:

  • New Boat Shed facilities to support a critical community need
  • Retaining & improving a heritage listed building iconic to WA
  • New public toilets, showers (indoor and outdoor) & Changing Room facilities
  • Improved public areas including covered public plaza and terraced seating providing opportunities for activation and events
  •  Improved and more equitable beach access via a publicly accessible lift & Changing Places facility*
  • Improved access, legibility and safety due to the improved connections through and around the site
  • A Boutique Hotel to strengthen Cottesloe’s reputation as a world-class beachside destination
  • Diversity of retail and food & beverage, providing greater options and encouraging longer and less seasonal visitation to the precinct to help support local business & services
  • Activation of the Beach Level promenade
  • ~113 ongoing jobs supported per annum (directly and indirectly)

*Changing Places facilities provide suitable facilities for people with complex disabilities, and their carers, who cannot use standard accessible toilets. For more information please visit

Why is Fiveight keeping the western façade?

We share the community’s passion to see the iconic western façade retained. Although the tearooms only opened in 1996, the building has an incredible legacy in Western Australia and has helped represent our State to the world.

We believe the next chapter of Indiana must respect the history of the site, including the façade, while delivering a sustainable future that allows for much-needed improvements to be delivered.

Is Fiveight just keeping the façade because it is heritage listed?

No. The building’s heritage listing isn’t itself a guarantee for its future. Even after being permanently listed on the Heritage Register, many options including demolition of Indiana are possible. And while complete removal of the current structure was an option, Fiveight’s view was clear that we share the community’s passion to retain Indiana’s iconic western façade and to preserve the building’s legacy for future generations. We are committed to delivering this outcome.  

What will happen to the Norfolk Island pine trees as part of the development?

All Norfolk Island Pines, which are protected by the Cottesloe Beach precinct heritage listing, will be protected and retained as part of the development. We have commissioned an arborist to undertake early field studies  to determine the required root protection zones for these trees. This has informed building setbacks for the development.

Why were the short-listed designs in the previous architecture competition not adopted?

While the previous proposals generated valuable discussion, we made no secret that we wanted to continue to consider the best long-term outcome for the community. Indiana has constantly evolved for more than 100 years and we wanted to ensure we delivered the best possible future for the site.

We are proud of how our final vision has evolved and we are proud to present a new design that we believe delivers more community benefit, better integrates with the surrounding beach precinct, and respects the history of the site.

Why is a Boutique Hotel the right use for this site?

Cottesloe is now a world-famous beachside precinct, and we know its attractions don’t turn off when the sun goes down. We wanted to create an opportunity for visitors and locals to be able to stay in Cottesloe, and by doing so, extend their time enjoying the area, further supporting local businesses.

Given Cottesloe is well positioned as a seaside holiday destination, there is a surprisingly small number of hotel rooms available in the area – and as such adding a Boutique Hotel with sweeping ocean views will strengthen Cottesloe’s reputation as a world class beachside destination.

What is happening to the toilets and changing rooms at Indiana?

As part of the development, we are proposing to construct new public changerooms, showers (indoor and outdoor) and toilet facilities that will cater to beachgoers coming straight off the beach. A Changing Places facility for people with complex disabilities will also be included, making Indiana the only beachside Changing Places location between Scarborough and Mandurah.

As part of Indiana’s community-focused design, improved universal access will be delivered via a publicly accessible lift. The lift will provide access to the Beach from Marine Parade, contributing to more equitable use of this iconic part of WA’s coastline.

When is this development going to start?

Fiveight are positioned to expedite the delivery of both the boat shed and Indiana developments as soon as approvals can be achieved. Our development proposal, which is the first step in this process, has been submitted to the Town of Cottesloe.

How long will it take to build?

We anticipate the development will take approximately 24 months to complete following receipt of all statutory approvals. The community will be kept informed of progress via our website and social media platforms.

What is happening to the Surf Club boat shed?

As part of the development, we propose to construct new, purpose-built Boat Shed storage facilities for the Cottesloe Surf Life Saving Club. The facilities are proposed to be constructed further south towards the Club Rooms. The facilities will provide long term operational benefits for the Club, by locating them in a more geographically advantages position, bringing the facilities to beach level and increasing the size of the storage area significantly.

How does the development integrate with the Foreshore and what impact will it have on the proposed Foreshore Masterplan?

The development has been designed with a focus on integrating with and enhancing the proposed Foreshore Masterplan. Fundamental to the success of the design is the delivery of improved public areas, which provides:

  • a new mid-level (north – south) pedestrian promenade dividing the two buildings;
  • a new central access stair (east-west) through the building, providing public access from Marine Parade to the Beach;
  • new covered public plaza and terraced seating at the Marine Parade Level; and
  • a new all-access lift from Marine Parade to the Beach Level, providing equitable access for all Cottesloe Beach visitors.

Whilst some minor amendments are required to the design of the current Foreshore Masterplan to fully integrate the two projects, we believe this approach will deliver the best long-term outcome for the community.

Will any parking be provided?

We expect a revitalised Indiana will attract new visitors to Cottesloe, but it’s important to note that the new development is about better catering for existing visitors to the area.

And while there is no obligation to provide parking on the site, we are committed to providing a direct cash in lieu development contribution to assist the Town of Cottesloe deliver on its long-term parking strategy. The contribution is intended to be calculated using standard state planning guidelines for cash in lieu parking contributions.

What will the capacity of the venues be?

The development is intended to support 600-700 people at total capacity of all venues on the site. Final capacities are subject to approval as part of the development approval process.

How does the new design compare to the existing building?

The proposed development sits within the existing lease boundary while also protecting the surrounding Norfolk Island pine trees. The Boutique Hotel development to the east is constructed on only 375m2 of land with a total development impact to existing open space of only 13%.

Does the new design stay within Cottesloe’s height restrictions for developments and how does it compare with other planned developments along Marine Parade?

As the site is located on a Regional Reserve there are no specific development controls applicable to the site. The project is guided by the objectives of the reserve and the WAPC’s Development Control Policy 5.3 – Use of land reserved for parks, recreation and regional open space. To ensure a sensitive design is achieved, the maximum height of the new building is approximately 16m above the ground level taken along Marine Parade. This design ensures the building sits sensitively within the context of the Norfolk Island Pine trees facing Marine Parade as well as the approved 24m building height for the Lido site on the eastern side of Marine Parade. The design ensures no significant overshadowing of the beach.

Is Indigo Oscar part of the future development?

Indigo Oscar is a temporary pop-up venue that is expected to be open for a limited time only. Indigo Oscar will operate while the development project planning continues, before eventually closing to allow the long-term transformation of the site to occur. Indigo Oscar is an opportunity for Perth to celebrate the end of an important chapter for Indiana before a new one starts. Or, Indigo Oscar is here for a good time, not a long time.

Is Ol’ Buoy part of the future development?

Ol’ Buoy is a temporary pop-up venue that will be open for the summer of ’21 / ’22. As part of the long-term transformation of the site, new permanent food and beverage cafes and restaurants will be delivered.

Why have you expanded the building instead of just refurbishing the existing one?

Our analysis suggests that improving the scale and diversity of the overall dining offering at Cottesloe is expected to have a positive impact on local business by increasing visitation to the precinct and contributing to more consistent activation. We believe Indiana can be a positive catalyst for more local businesses in the Cottesloe area.

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