21 Apr 2021

Fiveight Develops Conservation Management Plan to Fast-track a New Chapter For Indiana

An important milestone in the redevelopment of the iconic Indiana has been achieved.


The redevelopment of the iconic Indiana has achieved an important milestone with a detailed Conservation Management Plan (CMP) submitted to Cottesloe Council for consideration that will help guide the site’s future development and accelerate the delivery of a new chapter for the iconic site.

The CMP has been developed by Fiveight, with the cooperation of Town of Cottesloe Administration, to avoid any additional delay in the site’s future development following the Heritage Council of Western Australia’s proposal to permanently list the Indiana site, along with the surrounding Cottesloe Beach precinct, on the Heritage Register.

Instead of constraining much needed revitalisation, the CMP sets out specific guidelines relating to the building’s internal and external features and identifies areas of heritage significance to ultimately provide clear policies for the sustainable future of the site to ensure its cultural significance is retained and much needed improvements for everyone visiting Cottesloe Beach are delivered.

The comprehensive document has been identified by all parties as the best instrument to reduce any uncertainty around the future development and will play a key role in accelerating Fiveight’s vision for the next chapter of the iconic site. If endorsed by Cottesloe Council, it will be officially lodged with the Heritage Council of Western Australia.

Head of Fiveight John Meredith said the development of the CMP represents an important project milestone as it will provide a clear pathway for all stakeholders to bring Indiana back to life.

“We know that Indiana is important to all Western Australians and our Fiveight team will continue to work collaboratively with the Town of Cottesloe to deliver the best outcome for this iconic Perth site not only for Perth today, but for many generations of Cottesloe residents and visitors to come,” Mr Meredith said.

“We have heard the people of Perth loud and clear – they want us to deliver a new chapter for Indiana and we’re going to make this happen.”

Town of Cottesloe Chief Executive Matthew Scott said a revitalised Indiana would complement and enhance the wider vision for the revitalised Cottesloe Beach foreshore.

“The Town of Cottesloe Administration welcomes the opportunity to work with Fiveight to assist it in developing the CMP, and we are pleased that we are now in a position where it can be considered by Council,” Mr Scott said.

“The CMP will assist the protection of the community values associated with the Indiana site for future generations.”

Fiveight, a company of Tattarang, acquired the leasehold of Indiana in 2019.